Empire: Millennium Wars


Create a thriving empire on Mars


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Empire: Millennium Wars is a fun strategy and management game where you're in charge of a miner colony on Mars. The only problem is that you're not the only one trying to extract minerals from this planet. There are plenty of others who also want these minerals, so you'll have to compete against other players from all around the world for precious 'millennium,' a rare and exotic mineral that you can only find on Mars.

When you start the game, your base will have just a few basic buildings with not much to them. But as you keep gathering resources, you can improve your base and buy new kinds of buildings. You'll need hospitals, barracks, armories, warehouses, quarries, solar panels, and much more. You can also improve the level of all the buildings, too.

As in other games in this genre, in Empire: Millennium Wars, you'll have to complete missions to earn resources. These missions are divided into different categories: basic, daily, and alliance. Each type of mission will award you a series of benefits, so you should alert to make sure you take advantage of as much as possible.

Empire: Millennium Wars is a comprehensive strategy game with excellent graphics and an aesthetic that's very similar to Mass Effect. The game also offers hundreds of missions, dozens of improvements, and a huge global map where you can see other players' bases.

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher


The maximum level automatically unlocks after several days